A.L.L. Foundation


A Community based organisation that promotes the health, wellbeing, spiritual and creativity benefits of the Seashore through imagery, the written word and projects.




  A.L.L. Druid Order

A.L.L. Druid Order

Believes in  the power of:

 - The Mind

- Creativity

- Self Healing

- Prayer

- Love

- Building New Worlds


and has a love of the Seashore

Communicates within the A.L.L Druid Order and the outside world by:

- Thought

- Oral and Written word

- Imagery

- Prayer

- Meditation

There are four levels of A.L.L. Druid Order membership:


A.L.L. Druid Order (Fellow) - First Wave

 - Learning about the Work of the Order
 - Participating on the introduction courses
 - Working on small projects within the order
 - Regular newsletter

Fee - small regular agreed donation and gift of service.


A.L.L. Druid Order (Apprentice) - Second Wave

 - Participating on in depth courses.
 - Learning of all skills required to become a Druid.
 - Working on more complex projects.
 - Internal Journal.

Fee - small regular agreed donation and gift of service.


A.L.L. Druid Order (Druid) - Third Wave

 - Specialised Druid skills and coursework.
 - Working on specialised projects.
 - Learning world building skills.

Fee - small regular agreed donation and gift of service.


A.L.L. Druid Order (Druid Priest/Priestess) - Fourth Wave

- Those who wish and have fulfilled all the requirements may train to help run the Order and its projects




A.L.L. Advice Hub


The A.L.L. Advice Hub has been set up to give all members free personal and work related advice.




A.L.L. Publishing


A.L.L. Publishing  publishes all material created by A.L.L. Foundation and  A.L.L. Druid Order




A.L.L. Foundation Vacancies:



For a list of  current vacancies at A.L.L. Foundation please go to the A.L.L. Vacancies page





For further information on joining the order please send a letter to:


A.L.L. Foundation
PO Box 8617
KA10 9BG


Please remember to include in your letter your full postal address, a bit about yourself and confirm that you are  aged at least eighteen years.


If you have not heard from us within ten days of posting your letter please contact us via the contact page.





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